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Flower | Sativa

Garlic Tangie

    $150 oz (minimum of 4 oz mix of different strains ok)
    $475 QP
    $950 HP

An amazing crossing of Sour Tangie (East Coast Sour Diesel x Tangie) and Garlic Cocktail #7 (GMO x Mimosa) by 710 Labs. Why We Love It: One of our classic cuts, bold, sweet, citrus tangerine funk with hints of berries and a slight GMO punch. Followed by euphoric and relaxing effects. Dosing And Potency: Perfect for your dab rig of choice or Puffco Peak or Peak Pro - all of which are available right here at Airfield. 710 Labs concentrates are known to pack a potent punch - a little goes a long way! A Bit About The Brand: 710 Labs are award-winning artists who hand-select exotic strains and more elusive landrace single-origin seeds to create the richest flavored, small-batch, organically fed cannabis on the planet.