420 Specials start on 4/18/24

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Phone (213) 599-7028

420 Specials start on 4/18/24

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$ 50

1 Gram 92% THC Stndrd Vape Cartridge Pure, clean, and potent

Indica: Skywalker OG, Dosidos
Hybrid: Runtz, Wedding Cake
Sativa: Jack Herer, Blue Dream

Ceramic coil for superior heating functions and consistent draws
Premium glass tube
White ceramic mouthpiece
Works on any 510 thread battery with a button


Cannabis-derived terpene blends are specifically formulated to deliver the best tasting experience unique to each of your favorite strains.

You experience THE ULTIMATE QUALITY when you choose STNDRD. The potency and constitution of the THC oil used in all our master_products exceed the expections of any other brands on the market.

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