Buy 3 gummies get the 4th free Wednesday free extra gram with every flower order.

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Phone (213) 599-7028

Buy 3 gummies get the 4th free Wednesday free extra gram with every flower order.

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Indica Dominant Hybrid - 60% Indica / 40% Sativa THC: 15% - 22% White Sherbet is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the powerful The White X Sherbet strains. Best known for its gorgeous appearance and amazing flavor, White Sherbet is the perfect delicious hybrid for any connoisseur. Like its name suggests, White Sherbet has beautiful long and leafy pepper-shaped olive green nugs with thin orange hairs and a super thick, frosty coating of tiny bright white crystal trichomes. As you pull apart each glittering little nugget, aromas of sour citrus, sugary berry candy and crispy menthol are released. The flavor is very much the same, with a sweet berry candy taste accented by sour citrus and a punch of spicy menthol. The White Sherbet high will have you craving more, with a pleasant balance of mental and physical effects. Your mind will feel lifted with a light touch of energy that has you feeling euphoric and sociable, ready to chat with anyone around you happily. This heady lift will soon fade into a state of sleepy sedation that will have you dozing off, so mind your dosage if you have things to do! Combined with its high 15-22% average THC level, these effects make White Sherbet a great choice for treating chronic pain, mood swings or depression, chronic stress or anxiety and insomnia.

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