Online Weed sales System


Vaporizer Pen: $20 (uses USB port and any micro USB cable)


backwoods honey berry

Backwoods Honey Berry blunt wraps: $3 each

backwoods honey bourbon

Backwoods Honey Bourbon blunt wraps: $3 each

backwoods 5 pack honey

Backwoods Honey 5 Pack blunt wraps: $10 pack

dutch Masters Cigarillos honey fusion

Dutch Masters Cigarillos Honey Fusion Price: $2 pack

RAW Organic Connoisseur 1 1/4 with Tips Price: $5 pack

Zig-zag rolling papers: $3

Toke Token rolling papers: $2

Glass Pipe Blue: $15

Smal 5 inche bong

Bong 5 Inches Tall Price: $15

Bong: $20

Glass Pipe Pink: $15

Bong: $20

Bong: $20

Bong: $20